Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Imagine where you need to plant about Ten lakh trees in a year this is quite different in the case of hundred trees, you go to a nursery pick up hundred trees, hire a vehicle came and plant those trees at a place where you like to plant however you are having a large goal of planting Ten lakh or One crore trees the scenario is quite different.

In large scale you want to identify what kind of trees you need to plant, where you like to plant, which are the villages you would like to plant, who are the people they would help to plant. First you identify all the villages who all are the people they are going to help do it wise versa Draw a schedule of what trees to be planted, where and when you do ground work related to identify suppliers of those plants, make most important you are going to do all of these at least twelve months in advance,the reason is simple every nursery has a capacity of anywhere between hundred to ten thousand plants, however when you are looking at a larger scale of plantation of trees you would need to give a advance notice of twelve months, wherein they can plant the trees, want for germination and make sure that take care of trees next twelve months so that those plants have a better survival rate.

In some cases the advance notice can be as less as few months and in some cases especially like mango trees the advance notice need to be about two to three years. So there is a whole lot of planning involved in planting the one crore you do the scheduling, you identify the plants to be planted,thenyou give the orders, and you collect the plants on specific days that you have agreed ,you will collect on the days the trees to be planted. You go with a vehicle get those plants and bring them to the villages where they have to be planted and make them available to the beneficiaries at a certain cost or free.So when I say you, it would be you or your partners who are helping you to achieve the goal.

So in case of trees like Neem which are available free, neem trees available are given for free. However the fruit trees like Mango, Papaya are anyway charged from fourty rupees to sixty rupees. so you need to make sure that you have all the calculations right, related to cost of planting a tree, or thousand trees in a village.So as a organization you would like to see the reports of where all you have planted the trees,when you are going to plant them, who is your local contractor for planting trees.

What is financial scenario looking like and get a clear picture of what is accomplished and how much is remaining and when you are going to in addition to this you must have the follow up activities related to tracking, when you have done last inspection u going to do last inspection, every month, every two month, every year, every two years and how you are going to compensate the people, who are supposed t o be taking care of those plants or trees on the ground. So if you are taking from multiple organizations, you are also going to track which donor has given much amount for what trees and where to be planted. And if you are a donor, you would like to make sure that you have complete information and to track which ngo is getting what kind of trees.

However at the end when the entire software is developed you will be in a situation where in you can clearly see the progress of plantation of the trees and also do additional information like the potential, Carbon neutral, the index achieved, and the shade achieved, maybe the increase in the rainfall, quality improvement of air and so on. Let you are going to see the tremendous amount of benefit by planting the trees which is known fact however, the success comes when you are doing this project at a large scale and this particular project module will help you to achieve this scale.