Skill Development

Increasing the skills for prosperity

It is proven again and again that education is the single most factor increasing the earnings of an individual and a family. That education can be obtained by going to school and college, by learning on the job or by taking specialized courses. In any of the scenario, whether formal or informal, education is one that makes difference.

Today's trends show that formal education till degree trains the students to become teachers, accountants or office associates. However what is needed in the market are the skills like mobile repair, automobile painting and tinkering, plumbing skills, masonry skills, wood work and so on. These are not taught in the regular schools and colleges and only solution is to offer them in auxiliary units of education. People need to be trained in such activities in hundreds if not in thousands. And that activity, the activity of offering the trainings en-mass and still maintaining highest quality requires necessary information systems.

With the help of the software, you will be able to maintain information on courses to be offered, the necessary infrastructure required, instructors pool, carry out online registrations, have the classes conducted, assessments given, and skill registry updated. You will then offer services like connecting the students with the banks to get start a new firm with necessary capital, or connecting them to potential employers or even helping them start a group in partnership.

So, over the years as more and more students are trained in these activities, you will a difference in the income level of the society. With the help of the software, you will also be able to maintain relationship with past students who have attended the classes and there by constantly improvise the course offerings by building a feedback mechanism. The information systems help you do these at a much much larger scale and connect with other platforms to bring a holistic development to the society.