Prosperity Platform - Message from the CEO

I am visualizing Prosperity to be a framework and an application that will help you make more impact on the society with the same amount of money and effort that you are spending today.

The application will provide you with three things.

Framework - It gives a framework for execution of needy and proven projects

Systems - Systems, Methodology and Scale up Platform to seamlessly execute the projects and be able to scale up multi fold.

Accountability - Better Accountability, credibility and transparency - using the state of the technological devices and platform. Going in details, we will start with .


First, it gives a framework of proven projects aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and that are required by the society. You and your service organization partners will be able to quickly get started with the needy projects without having to reinvent the wheel. Each of the projects like Skill Development, Medical camps, Children's Reading Level improvement, Traffic Safety, Providing Sanitation for all and so on is proven to be making a tremendous impact to the society.

Each of these projects is included after a careful evaluation of the impact it makes onto the society and how well it fits into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Human Development Index developed by economists Mehboob Ul Huq and Nobel Prize Winning Amartya Sen and Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index.

By using this framework, you will not go wrong in selecting the right projects and as we see in the second point, the methodology to execute them.

Systems, Methodology and Scale Up

Secondly, it defines the methodology for each project and helps you achieve the scale that you desire. If you are already doing some of these projects, the Prosperity Framework will help you scale up your operations between 10 and 100 times in a span of 36 months without having to proportionately increase the administrative overhead. The model of Samaaj Aage - Satta Peeche - meaning Society ahead and Government providing the support from behind, pioneered by National Think Tank K N Govindacharya, experimented by Basavaraj Patil Sedam for many projects funded by Infosys Foundation is used as the basis for coming up with taking the power of the society in making the initiative happen one after another and in parallel district by district, taluka by taluka and village by village. The power of software makes the platforms perfectly repeatable there by increasing the efficiency and increasing the speed of execution.

Accountability, credibility and transparency

And Thirdly, The Prosperity Framework and the Application provides perfect accountability, credibility and transparency in the operations of the projects. For example, you would be able to trace all the trees that you have planted over the years, perfect to the GPS coordinates captured even after a few years. You will be able to trace back the scholarships that you have distributed over the years to the increase in the overall income students who have got scholarships and the living standards of the family. You will be able to trace back the power of conducting the medical camps into the improved productivity by the family and the income generated. Developed based on Theory of Change developed by J-PAL, this framework focuses on delivering the outcomes through sustained inputs and measurement of the progress, output and finally the outcome at each level.

Most importantly, the Prosperity Framework integrates multiple platforms in the Social Transformation Sector to give you a clear view of the holistic progress made over the years. So, as a well wisher, as a donor and as a corporate, when you would like to see a holistic development in a place, Prosperity Framework and Application are for you. Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you to transform the geographies you have chosen.