Medical Camp

Medical Camps

Today the doctor to public ratio is about 1 to 5,000 or even higher in villages of India. That means people have a hard time to get hold of a doctors time. So, as a result most of the visits to the doctors happen only when the extreme need arises. Often, the situation would already be at an aggregated state.

And most of this heartburn can be avoided by helping people have access to the doctors at the early stages of deceases and even better yet, in a preventable stage. Where as building more and more hospitals helps takes care of the aggrevated situation, conducting medical camps at the villages themselves on a periodic basis helps prevent the deceases and identify the deceases at an early stage. So, this module of the application helps you manage public healthcare initiative of your organization.

With the use of the software, you first do a plan of all the villages where you would like to conduct the medical camps. Then you work out a schedule of all the doctors who would be willing to allocate their time. Then you draw a schedule of conducting medical camps a year or a couple of months in advance. Once you complete this exercise, you have a complete schedule of all activities and key attendees. You will then be able to tie up with the pharmacies to get medicines at a discounted price. You would also be able to track the sponsorship for the medical camps. Most often, hospitals themselves offer the sponsorship to conduct the medical camps.

Initially the medical camps will be conducted just like other medical camps conducted in previous yearly. Primary difference is going to be the volume which will be much higher now. However as the time passes, with the database built in, you would be able to get a pattern of improvement in health conditions in each of the village you are operating in. You would then be able to recommend macro level platforms to be taken up at once by a larger sponsoring organization, government etc.

With usage of software for your health care initiative, you not only help people who need help, you also preempt people getting into the situation of needing help.