What does prosperity offer?

Prosperity project helps you by giving a framework for execution of over 50 projects. These projects have been carefully selected after a study of - ground realitities in Indian villages, study of sustainable development goals of United Nations and study of factors impacting human development index.

With the 50 projects for which framework is ready, you would be able to quickly get started on them. At one go, you as donor will sign up for the program, train Service Organizations on using the application and you are good to start. The framework helps the service organizations take up activities as outlined in the framework and before you know, the project will be up and running and fill scale.

And the beauty of prosperity application is in handling the volume. Where as doing the things at a small scale is fun to explore and do, doing the same at an extremely large (100 fold size) is extremely complex and time consuming. Prosperity in this helps you achieve the extremely large goal what you have sent for your self by helping you break up the activities with the help of framework established and keep scaling up a rapid pace without having to feel the growing pain to that extent.

And most importantly usage of Prosperity Application helps get you visibility on all projects and activities at a real time. Due to the usage of smart phones, Global Information Systems, RFID etc. the informaton you get will be real time, credible and transparent.

So, as a result, you achieve MORE by spending the same mount of time and money and do the things much much faster. We are here to help you achieve this goal.