Advised By

Vasu M Deshpande - The Chief Executive :

Vasu is an amalgamation of Software Development, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Social Sector Development and an Investor in the last 25 years of his career. He brings with him academic excellence of having got Gold Medal for topping the University in Engineering, Professional MBA from University of Massachusetts, APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional, PMI Certified Project Management Professional and Wharton Business School Certified Business Analytics Professional.

He built Easylib Software that now runs at 600+ client's place, he managed construction of over 2,200 hours in 24 months, construction of over 12,000 toilets in 18 months in rural North Karnataka, education awareness of over 6 Lakh families and helping Sri Basavaraj Patil Sedam carry out many of his Social Transformation platforms.

Now as the Chief Executor of Prosperity Initiative, he is embarking onto the new initiative of helping the society do what is done by Sri Basavaraj Patil Sedam 100 fold at each place at new 100 times the places. He is bringing his amalgamated management experience in this leadership role.

Pavan MKK - The Backbone :

Pavan is a Software Professional with over 12 years experience and now helping build this software. He has been instrumental in getting the entire system built and configured into the Salesforce Platform that it is now currently running on and having the Java version built.

The duo - Venkatesh and Abhishek :

They bring their expertise in the areas of Software Development, Documentation, Accounts Management, Research and Development and many associated areas.

Arjun Raj Urs - The Guide :

Arjun helps the team stay on the track by clearly establishing the goals to be accomplished on a week by week basis, staying on the course, doing what is agreed and staying on the course of development work.

Other Consultants

Most of the work in the software area is done by Consultants who develop the modules one by one in a distributed way. There are over 100 people involved in the initiative as Consultants to deliver different pieces of this large initiative.