Book Distribution Project

Book Distribution Project

You as a donor distribute many books already. Where as many individual donors give about 10 books a year, many corporates gives thousands of books per year. Now to increase the number of books distributed to a few lakhs per year without increasing that much administrative overhead is the goal of this initiative.

This module helps you build your execution plan based on framework established. You document all the books you would like to distribute, then you link each school to the books that you would like to give. Once you complete this, you get the volume of the books to be ordered. Once you have the order, you speak to the publisher to get the volume pricing discount and place an order. Once done, you will then work out a schedule of distribution. Now based on the number of books you have already ordered and the locations where you would like to them be distributed, you will have books drop-shipped. i.e. sent directly to the delivery address rather than having the books coming to your office first and then you distributing it.

Take a modest example. 100 titles selected for distribution. You would like to distribute them to 1,000 schools. That means 1,000 copies of each book, which is significant number. If you were not to do the drop shipment, you may be spending a lot of money in unpacking the packets sent from publisher, reorganizing for each school, packing it again and then sending to each school either by a vehicle or having the people come and collect. Now all the unpacking and packing is avoided because this all is done at the source itself.

In addition, as you are keeping a complete track of all the books that are sent, where they are sent, you would be able to ensure that next year you send different books and may be at different levels. Because now you have the data of which of the schools the books are sent, you will now be able to track the SSLC and other Grade performance at the schools as the initiative is linked with other platforms in the database.

You distribute one set of books and youmake a lot of difference. This software helps you do it faster and know how much difference you have made.